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Commission: Torea Sterling by emmil Commission: Torea Sterling by emmil
First attempt using watercolor approach. See the complete WIP here: [link]
I really enjoy painting this one... :aww: :heart:

Commission done for: :iconforsaken2544:

About Torea Sterling:

Torea is a devout follower of the Battle Maiden, one of the aspects of the goddess Andromeda. As such, she is a virtuous warrior priest that fights on behalf of those who cannot do so for themselves to make the world a better place.

Clad in sturdy armor, with ornate epaulets (Shoulder Guards) that resemble winged angels with their wings wrapped protectively over her upper chest and back. Plate armor covers her upper chest back, and legs. Her sword is a straight bladed weapon, simple and functional, with glowing runes along the blade. The cross guard has a diamond shaped sapphire set into the hilt where it meets the blade, and the cross guard is simple, functional and swept forward.

She wears a small ivory amulet of her goddess’ holy symbol that she wears around her neck on a fine silver chain.

Torea keeps her hair well groomed, and falls to just between her shoulder blades. She keeps the hair at her temples braided and tied back, keeping it from covering her face. Her eyes are a bright aqua color and often show her determination as well as her zest for life.

Torea is headstrong and determined, often taking charge with the first plan offered without thinking about her actions. Torea places a lot of value in her friends, and would literally lay down her life to defend them.
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November 28, 2007
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