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How is Patsy? by emmil How is Patsy? by emmil
I'm sorry for my diabetic hamster journal before...

I said she was positive, but actually it was just my guess... since she had 9 out of 10 diabetic symptoms written on the internet...

If you are interested in knowing the chronology & her treatment, here's what happened:

Patsy didn't want to eat & drink suddenly. I was panic, my usual vet was out of town. So I did my best to rehydrate her by giving her Pedialyte first using the small injection tube every hour. FYI, there is no vets who is well experienced taking care of small animals where I live, including my usual vet who has been taking care of my pets so far. Still I asked around for other vets. No times for taking pictures. Besides, her condition was too heart breaking to show.

Saturday, Patsy got see a new vet. Patsy was so thin. The vet said, there was no way we could test a hamster if it has diabetes or not. We couldn't use ketodiastic since animal's pee composition is different from human's, nor we could use blood testing pack since she's just a small animal. :(

So she was given liquid antibiotic (Amoxylin, 0,1 CC 3 times a day for 1 week and Bycombion, vitamin B).

After taking medicine for 1 day, on Monday, she had more appetite to eat. I still gave her boiled white egg in the morning but no more ... since in the evening I noticed that there's a reddish bumb below her left ear. I wet her hair a little on that part to see it better. I was afraid it was abscess or tumor... My mind had gone too far imagining something like this: [link] but I remembered Eva had a bump before like this (suddenly got big too) and it was a fatty bump. This bump gave me a thought, what about if this was that hurt her & made her didn't want to eat & drink last week? I didn't notice it before because I thought it was food in her cheek pouch and it wasn't red ... I checked the internet again and found some facts like: "Another common cause of an abscess is when sharp objects get stuck or scratch the pouches in your hamster's cheeks which can lead to lack of appetite. It should be treated as soon as you can because if it continues to grow and end up busting, which can cause an infection."

I tried to be not so panic and tried to have more faith on the antibiotic. I also gave her some abscess ointment for 2 days to see the bump reaction. If it was a bad abscess, it might get redder (ready to bust), but thanks God, it seems that it was just an infection, the bump is getting smaller and not red anymore.

Since yesterday she has played her wheel again, I also can feel more meat under her skin. She's not 100% cured yet, there still a little bump left but she's totally getting better. She comes when I call, she walks around & buries her seeds... & bites my finger again. Oh, this one has a biting habit indeed. What, who said my hamsters are all biting free! :D It's true that Tamtam & Eva don't bite, unless you push your lucks. ^^'

This Saturday, Patsy will see her vet again just to check up everything & see if the bump is really just a fat bump like Eva has.

I just want to share my experience about my sick pets since my cute hamster photos have inspired some of my watchers to buy hamsters. Somehow I feel kinda guilty inside... :|

I just want to remind us that pets can get sick, they won't be forever cute. Small pets are easy for their daily maintenance but the downside is most vets will give up taking care of them.

We can't put Elizabeth collar like we do to dogs, we can't tell them not to scratch, they can't come & tell us what's wrong since they live in a cage... (my dog once came to me whining after she hurt her back wrist slipping from my 15 cm high matrass after raping my bolster like this: [link] :XD: )

Back to Patsy,
I'll update her news if she has made more progress, k? Thanks a lot for the support.

This is a pic when she was healthy: Let's pray she can get healthy soon. :)

:bulletred: Hamster photo album: [link]
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